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How to earn bitcoins on the site

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  • Pre-mining: Kripto para piyasaya sürülmeden önce kripto para birimi kurucusu tarafından paranın bir bölümünün çıkarılmasıdır.
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23 Tem 2020
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Hello friends, We are happy to introduce you to the earning model and add-on we have developed.

People have been sharing on the forums for years, writing comments, and getting good information in return, The earning model only appeals to the site management,

Site owners can earn money by selling memberships to users by selling membership or restricting certain features,

We are making a first in the Net World, now giving our forum users the chance to earn money.

To monetize our forum, you need to
  1. You have 2 regular threads or messages.
  2. Having an avatar.

There are only 2 conditions for now, while our conditions are so simple, please do not write unnecessary messages and test the system
Messages or Subjects can be added to the Moderation list when necessary, deleted messages are deleted on Satoshis belonging to that message.

So How Does The Profit System Earn?
The system gives 3 Satoshi per word on the subject you open
Another way to earn satoshi is comment, you get 1 Satoshi for every comment you make.
Instead of + Rep, now there is a + Satoshi system, users who like your threads can donate satoshi by clicking the +1 Satoshi button in your Subject or Answer.

Description> Calculation

Completing the Conditions
: After you add your avatar from 2 threads or messages, the system will upgrade you from the group you are in to the earning group.
You will already see your Wallet in the Top Menu and the Widget Section on the Right. The Option to Earn Money Without Entering the Wallet and Creating an Address Is Not Activated.
What You Need To Do Is Create An Address First.

Earning by Opening a Topic: Let's say you opened a topic and shared a news about it. If the total number of words in the news content is 300, the system multiplies 300 words by 3 Satoshi and gives you 900 Satoshi. Subject, Article etc .. The wider and better the content, the higher your earnings accordingly.

Earning by Commenting: You earn 1 fixed satoshi from every reply (From Comment).

Withdrawal Limit: For now, the minimum withdrawal limit is 10 TL and the Transfer Fee is around 1 TL.

Bitcoin Deposit: You can deposit money as you wish to the Bitcoin address given to you by our site. You can trade with other users on the forum.

Bitcoin Withdrawal: You can withdraw Bitcoin from our site at any time.

Excessively Copy Paste Articles Articles Articles Are Deleted. It must be at least 50% authentic.
Posts less than 50 words are not calculated. After 50 words are counted, including 50 words. You can test it.
The pictures in the Article, News etc. you added will be deleted if they are added on other sites.

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